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San Diego, c'est beau!

Looking for a Relocation Agent who will guide you, step by step, to help you settle into your new home? Or a tour of San Diego, with a native French speaker to show you all of San Diego's most beautiful places ? Look no further; San Diego, c'est beau! has it all. 


San Diego is one of the more delightful cities that California has to offer. Its weather is mild all year long and each neighborood is different. 

San Diego, c'est beau! was created to make the link between France and the United States. It offers primarly a service to Francophones who want to visit, relocate or live in San Diego. It offers gourmet tours or guided tours, in French, for a public who loves the French langage and culture around "L’art de vivre à la française". 

San Diego, c'est beau!  helps newcomers from any countries to get settle in San Diego. It relief the stress that can be caused by moving to a new location with experts in the field. 

Why San Diego? 

Our services



Personnalized or grouped tour of San Diego, in French


Full service of relocation

Coming from another country and having someone helping you to settle in San Diego


Complete service of relocation

Helping you but leaving you some autonomy


eBooks about San Diego, in French,  about what to see