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Our Relocation Services

Get a stress free installation in Southern California with San Diego, C’est Beau! 

San Diego, c'est beau! provides a wide range of services to facilitate the relocation process. From an accompanied visit to the Social Security office to a comprehensive settling-in program, we will work with you to customize a program to meet your individual or family needs.  A complimentary telephone or e-mail survey will help define the services or  program that would be most helpful. Whether you are moving from another city or state or from another country, our experienced Relocation Agents can help. 

Services include, but are not limited to,  the following:

- 📦 Logistic before and upon arrival: List of international movers, administrative steps to do before departure. Once in California: assistance with Social Security Application, banking referrals for opening an account, assistance for Driving License Process, car purchase/rental, vehicle registration, orientation service / welcome package - City tour


- 🏡 Real Estate: Whether you are looking to rent or buy a house, we will put you in good hands. We work with multilingual real estate agents who will help you find the right neighborhood, be able to understand your needs and negotiate at best the right home for you. If needed we can also help you find a temporary place to live in. Assistance with furniture rental or purchase. Utilities Assistance Service. 


- 👩‍⚕️ Health: Why is it important to be insured before your arrival? How does the US system works? What are the options available to you? 


- 🚘 Home and car insurance: we work with a network of licensed brokers that will help you understand how insurance works in the US and get the best option in terms of coverage and price for you.


- 👨‍💻 Education - School: understand the specificities of the US system. What are you looking for your kids, what are the options (international schools, French Schools, American School), How to find the right school for your kids (location, rating)? What documents do you need, help with the registration process. 


- 📃 Immigration: You need a visa? Which visa corresponds to your project? How can you obtain your visa. We work with a network of multilingual immigration lawyers. 


- 💪 You want to work in the US? We can help you get your work permit. 

- 👶🧒Children's well being: after school activities, recreation areas, camps, tutoring…

- 🤝Introduction to local cultural groups - networking

lifeDay to day life: where can you do your shopping, nannies, religious institutions, ....

- Personal concierge service


- Departure Assistance Package

Our offers


You have already experienced a relocation abroad, you are willing to handle most of the steps by yourself? Remain autonomous? Looking for flexibility?

This service is for you!

Full Package

You want to be accompanied on the whole process of relocation? This is your first relocation experience? You feel overwhelmed by all the steps to perform and do not know where to start?

This valuable service will bring you peace of mind and a successful installation.


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